• MyBot Robot kit

    Sold By: RadRobots

    Build and design a robot to race with different wheels, play soccer, open a bottle, start a chain reaction, spin a rotorelief, write a song, escape a maze, display a secret message and more! Over 16 activities with instructional videos and vocabulary words for each lesson. Learn about algorithms, variables, loops, gear trains and iterative design by reading the MyBot Adventure book (included) . Program MyBot’s microcontroller, temperature sensor, accelerometer, servo motors, and pixel display. Kit includes a robot, book, access to online videos, and over 80 reusable pieces. Download a free app on any Bluetooth enabled tablet (or use a computer or laptop) and you are ready to program. Recommended for ages 8+.

    Sold By: RadRobots

    MyBot Robot kit

  • Roo the Robot kit

    Sold By: RadRobots

    Complete robot STEM kit that includes Roo the Robot*, learning mat, kinetic game pieces, coding cards, storybook, and 12 lesson videos for kids in grades K-2. Read along as Roo learns the importance of start and end commands, whitespace, loops and if/then statements. Children will discover how easy it is to design and debug an algorithm while using tangible coding cards. Roo has a gyroscope, LEDs, digital sounds, input sensors and more that can be coded to recreate the story.  No computer or other device needed!
    * Roo is the nickname for TrueTrue by iScream Media

    Sold By: RadRobots

    Roo the Robot kit

  • Strawbees Crazy Scientist Kit

    Sold By: Ednology

    Bring out the #Scientist in you and start creating what you want with Strawbees.

    Completely open-ended kit with 1200 pieces.

    Go for building some HUGE projects!

    Ideal for playing with of friends.

    Experiment with different materials. Combine pieces to create hinges, movable joints or whatever you can imagine.

    Unlimited fun! Our connectors & straws are reusable. When you finish building, you can disassemble your creations and use them to create something new.

    Great for home or the school. Use Strawbees to explore STEAM.

    Our connectors & straws are recyclable so that you make no waste.

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