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Knowla Box is a multimedia educational platform, a great solution in smart entertainment, education, therapy and many other places. You can project and interact with the device both on the wall and on the floor (vertically and horizontally). It uses ultrasound technology and an innovative solution of the Epson projectors which make it possible to catch the movements of interactive pens or ball hits. The compact structure on wheels has become very mobile, so you can transport a permanent place on site.

There are many games and applications on the Knowla Box, not only for entertainment, but also for teaching or therapy. Children can be invited to draw, learn to write, count, or develop other psychomotor skills. Throwing balls to animation is enough to earn more points in the games and give a lot of fun and make smiles on faces. Knowla Box is also perfect for watching a movie, conducting a presentation or browsing the Internet.

The WALL&FLOOR version

  • It makes it possible to easily use both the floor version and the wall one. While projecting the image on the wall, the balls will come in handy. They are suited for our Educational Universe Activities. While displaying the image on the floor, interactive pens will be a much better choice. Pens will be great for tasks requiring drawing or writing.
  • Projector EPSON EB-725Wi
  • Interaction by means of an interactive pen, balls, or a keyboard with a mouse function

What’s included in the set:

  • A fully assembled device ready to be switched on
  • Projector model: Epson EB-725WI
  • a power cable
  • 40 balls
  • a basket for the balls
  • a wireless keyboard
  • 2 interactive pens with interchangeable tips
  • remote control for Epson projector


  • Height: 36.8 cm
  • Width: 39.7 cm
  • Depth: 58.3 cm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Image size:
    • Directly at the wall: width 178 cm / height 113 cm
    • 15 cm from the wall: width 226 cm / height 144 cm
    • on the floor: width 185 cm / height 118 cm

About Knowla Box:

    It makes it possible to project and interact with the device both on the wall and on the floor (vertically and horizontally).
    The device is equipped with unique ultrasound technology which excellently catches the sound of balls hitting a surface.
    There are many ways of using the Knowla Box. Playing with balls, drawing with pens, browsing the Internet, presenting materials or watching films are only a few of them.
    The device makes it possible to interact with the screen by means of thrown balls, interactive pens or a wireless keyboard.
    Thanks to the compact design on wheels, it became a mobile device which can easily be moved from place to place.
    After turning on the device, you will find many applications and games that can be used not only for entertainment, but also for education, smart entertainment or therapy.

Free games and applications (Planet Fruu)

  • 28 games and applications to play on the wall
    • Prepared mostly to play by throwing balls.
    • For one or a group of people.
  • 16 games and applications to play on the floor
    • Prepared mostly to play with pens.
    • They make it possible to divide the application so that two people order the execution of a task simultaneously.
    • For one, two or a group of people (for more than two people you need to prepare a group animation).
  • Various game themes.

Educational UNIVERSE

Set of 7 planets responding to various needs of children in preschools and early-school (1-3). Educational Universe consists:

  • Planet SPE – Special Educational Needs
  • Planet Ziuuu – Rythmicity
  • Planet EMO – Emotions
  • Planet SMART – Experiments
  • Planeta Pi – Coding / Programming
  • Planeta Contrast – Sight
  • Planeta M – Motor Skills

Planet SPE features over 80 interactive boards which cater to children with special educational needs. The material is designed for pre-school and early school children, and covers activities facilitating:

  • speech development
  • supporting children in developing intellectual activity
  • corrective and compensatory activities
  • speech therapy
  • activities developing emotional and social competences
  • revalidation activities.

Planet Ziuuu – the Eurythmic pack features over 50 interactive boards containing activities which facilitate the mobility of children. General development activities for pre-school and early school children have been expanded with elements of musical, sensory and mobility games. The package features activities supporting speech development through the use of speech therapy and breathing exercises. Apart from movement, speech and music therapy activities, the package also contains relaxation exercises, yoga, mindfulness for children, as well as over 10 revalidation exercises. With this package, children develop their coordination and concentration.

Planet EMO – the Emotions pack is a set of over 50 interactive exercises facilitating the emotional development of children, this including children with special educational needs in pre-school and early school ages. The package features activities developing abilities related to naming and expressing emotions, as well as social skills.

Planet SMART – the Experiments pack features 30 interactive experiments which allow children to delve into the world of fascinating adventure based on experiments, observations, and creating projects. The activities focus on natural topics such as: air, water, ground, plants, and animals. The package includes multimedia exercises facilitating the creativity of children, stimulation of imagination through creating projects based on developing 21st century skills: communication, creativity, critical thinking, cooperation.

Planet Pi – the Coding and Programming pack – over 100 interactive boards which introduce children to the world of programming in a friendly way. The activities are divided into three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard), so even the youngest children (3-year-olds) can develop their programming imagination. The exercises do not require any introduction. Through play, children learn the basics of programming, which in the future can serve as an excellent foundation for learning future professions, both in the IT industry, as well as in many related areas, such as graphics, design, creative trades.

Planet Contrast – the Sight pack features 50 interactive boards which cater to children with special educational needs. The material is aimed at pre-school and early school children and features exercises supporting:

  • hand-eye coordination
  • visual perception
  • cognitive abilities
  • following objects with the eyes
  • communication
  • spatial orientation
  • large and small motor skills.

Planet M – the Motor Skills pack is 50 interactive boards facilitating the small motor skills of children.

By way of play, children learn the proper writing grip. The package features activities which include:

  • graphomotor skills
  • sequences and series
  • exercises stimulating the brain’s left and right hemisphere
  • visual analysis and synthesis.
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